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Dhumal the poultry watering expert provides range of nipple systems for broilers, layers and breeders. The wide range allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate suitable to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantee you optimum performance for best results.

Nipple Watering System

Bell Drinkers

Manual Drinkers


Since more than theree and a half decades Dhumal has studied and improved its automatic feeding system and manual feeders to prevent feed wastage and to grant an ideal feed conversion and a uniform feed distribution. Thanks to the design which integrates all the composing elements (feed trough design, feed rough support, leveling device) Dhumal’s feeding system , as confirmed by the largest poultry farmers worldwide, is undutiful the best feeding system presently in the market.

Automatic Feeding System

Manual Feeders

Semi Automatic Feeders